Thanet Enterprise Centre was founded in 1985. The untits at Dane Valley in Broadstairs currently support 22 thriving micro businesses.
The units are let on an ‘easy in, easy out’ basis at a reasonable rate. This means new businesses can find their feet and establish themselves without huge overheads. For other established businesses it means they can trade very successfully without taking on any debt or the stress and risk that developing bigger businesses often entails.

Thanet District Council claim that they will:
Accelerate economic growth and achieve greater productivity and profit for businesses; to create more jobs, and increased prosperity for residents”.

We want Thanet District Council to rethink the inclusion of the Dane Valley Enterprise Units.

  • TDC are not helping these businesses. 
  • TDC say they want to support micro enterprise but are planning to sell this land to the highest bidder.
  • TDC are pulling the plug on many successful businesses.

Once these units are closed many of the current occupiers will lose their jobs and livelihoods.

The workers at Dane Valley Enterprise Units have put in a credible offer to buy this land from TDC.

The closure of these units will impact on its supply chain and will potentially put even more people out of work.