Save Our Workshops

So UKIP TDC have finally placed the first nail in the coffin in regards to the sell off of our workshops, twenty two businesses that collectively generate approximately £800,000 worth of business to the isle of Thanet involving the families who rely on income from these businesses.

UKIP TDC have not considered us regarding self management or to purchase our workshops, in fact the first official letter of intent was today to inform us that our livelihoods, our lives, are going to change for the worse.

Chris Wells, the so called leader of UKIP TDC? has totally ignored our letters and emails to discuss the sell off, I can only presume that an interested party has already made its claim, I only hope that the vast amount of money that has to be spent on the adjoining road, that 22 eviction orders and civil action against UKIP TDC regarding flood damage at the lower road, will be passed on to the prospective buyers.

We the proprietors are asking for your support, please don’t let UKIP TDC, bury our businesses and sell off our workshops/ livelihoods, once they are gone, they are gone for good…

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